Day: May 6, 2022

Divorce Mediation

If you’re contemplating the benefits of Divorce Mediation, there are many factors to consider. These factors may affect the cost of your mediation. The most significant of these factors is whether your case involves a complex financial issue. You may need to hire a third party to review a financial report and to value stock options or a business. If this sounds like your case, you may want to hire a consulting attorney to help you navigate the process.

Most mediations address marital property issues, including spousal support, child support, real estate, retirement assets, and business valuation and sale. However, not all cases involve all of these issues. In fact, many cases are simple property divisions. However, a small percentage involves complex financial arrangements. To avoid these types of situations, choosing a mediator with the appropriate expertise and experience is necessary. Divorce mediation is a great way to resolve your legal issues in a relaxed and cost-effective way. read more