Divorce Mediation – A Guide For Individuals Seeking a mediated Divorce

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation – A Guide For Individuals Seeking a mediated Divorce

In today’s hectic world, no one wants to drag on a lengthy court battle, especially when both parties are financially and emotionally exhausted. Long Island Divorce Mediation allows you to cut through all of the bickering, get your questions answered and close out your divorce proceedings quickly and efficiently. Divorce Mediation is extremely cost effective and sets up a meeting between you and your soon to be ex-spouse where you can peacefully decide on your future without the constant threat of lawsuits and going to court. Divorce Mediation in Long Island is becoming more widely accepted due to its positive outcomes.

The primary benefit of divorce mediation is that it speeds up the process of getting you and your soon to be ex-spouse to an agreement regarding custody and visitation. In Long Island, divorce mediation is a preferred method of resolving almost all uncontested matters involving marital assets, child custody, child support and spousal support. Through a carefully negotiated process, both parties are able to reach an agreement outside of the court system, resulting in a faster, more affordable, less stressful and more productive ending to the marriage. There are two ways to mediate a divorce mediation.

One is through a free consultation where you make an appointment for a one on one interview with a licensed divorce mediator who is experienced in family law and family mediating. The licensed divorce mediator will conduct an interview with you about your personal circumstances, any filed paperwork, financial information and any issues that might affect the ability to come to an agreement. You will then have the opportunity to answer questions from the divorce mediator which may further go on to ask you questions regarding your desires if a settlement were to be reached, or if you would like to continue your divorce proceedings. At the end of the day, the goal is for both parties to come to an agreement regarding the terms of the settlement.

Another way to settle your dispute through a divorce mediation in Long Island is by using the services of a family law attorney. Divorce attorneys in the state of Long Island are well trained in family law and marital affairs and know how to effectively negotiate a settlement. Often times, attorneys can accomplish a better settlement outside of the court system due to their extensive experience in these types of cases. Often times, a simple consultation with a divorce attorney on the matter can lead to a much smoother process for all parties involved.

Divorce Mediation in Long Island is also facilitated by an experienced mediator who has both been a divorce attorney and a family law judge. An experienced mediator has the benefit of experiencing a myriad of cases from both sides of the litigation spectrum. This allows the divorcing couple and their attorneys to come up with an agreeable solution to a problem that has presented issues between them. The use of an experienced mediator also helps to expedite the litigation process so that both parties have adequate time to thoroughly research and analyze their available options.

Many divorce mediation in long island involve the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This is an approach to resolving disputes that uses alternative methods to achieve its results. For instance, instead of going to trial, the two individuals or parties may enter into a mutual co-mediation agreement. In this process, the parties would resolve their differences by discussing issues and coming to a common solution. Such a situation could be beneficial because it does not require a lengthy court battle and often lessens the cost of going to court.

On the other hand, the long Island Divorce Mediation courts in Suffolk County and Nassau County often offer a full range of litigation services. When individuals and couples are looking to obtain divorce mediation in Nassau County, there are several resources to consider. For example, the Family Lawyer of Nassau County and the Family Mediator are two experienced professionals that can help individuals with their long island divorce mediation needs. Both of these professional firms are associated with the American College of Family Medicine, which trains its attorneys to work with divorce mediation in Nassau County.

Most people seeking divorce mediation in Nassau County and Suffolk County will probably be pursuing some type of custody agreement. For this reason, a suitable divorce mediator should be skilled in working with both sides to come to an agreement that both parties can agree on. Having an experienced professional on your side can also help if there are any children involved. Many divorce mediation professionals have experience working with children, which can make their job easier and more productive for everyone. In addition to the experience and skill sets that these professionals bring to the table, they should also be willing to make accommodations and meet your needs as a couple.