Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation is an affordable alternative to litigation when couples are having ongoing issues regarding their relationship. Divorce Mediation is a non-disciplinary process that allows individuals to remain calm during a time of great stress. A separation often causes feelings of resentment and anger, but healthy emotional conflict can help keep divorce costs low. Whether you and your husband or wife wish to avoid a costly courtroom battle, discovery, courtroom hearings, and expensive settlements, you can benefit from divorce mediation. Divorce Mediation can save you both time and money. Divorce Mediation is a collaborative, two-way communication process where both parties meet with a licensed Divorce Attorney and Certified Divorce Mediator to discuss their relationship and possible future resolutions.

Divorce Mediation consists of an appointed panel of experienced divorce mediators. Divorce Mediation does not require attorneys or psychologists to participate. Divorce Mediation is generally completed in one session lasting an hour. Divorce Mediation is offered in a variety of sessions to meet the needs of the client and their particular situation.

Divorce Mediation can be conducted by the parties or by a neutral third party. In most cases, the parties will choose to conduct Divorce Mediation by themselves or with the assistance of a highly experienced and knowledgeable divorce mediator. Divorce Mediation requires a high level of commitment on the part of the parties or their attorneys and may require them to meet weekly for an additional thirty minutes.

Divorce Mediation is facilitated by a licensed and experienced Divorce Attorney who works in your best interests. Divorce Mediation is a time-consuming, comprehensive process that takes into consideration all relevant factors, such as the physical, legal, mental and emotional condition of the spouses, their ages, dependency issues, their ability to co-parent, children’s custody, support, child support and spousal support, to name a few. Based upon these factors, the Divorce Mediation planner will create an original evaluation and referral that will be presented to the parties for their consideration prior to Divorce Mediation. Once the parties have reviewed the Divorce Mediation report, they will have an opportunity to make any changes that are necessary.

One of the key questions which will be answered during Divorce Mediation is whether or not the divorcing couples believe that they can accomplish the tasks at hand, especially where significant and complex issues are concerned. The Divorce Mediation advisor will ask both spouses about their willingness to try to resolve any differences they might have. The Divorce Mediation will also consider how long it will take the divorcing couple to decide and then determine whether or not they believe they can accomplish the tasks at hand. The Divorce Mediation advisor may make suggestions to help the divorcing couples accomplish this. If problems are not resolved satisfactorily, the Divorce Mediation advisor may suggest a second Divorce Mediation.

When the Divorce Mediation is completed, the Divorce Mediation counselor and the neutral third party (spouse) will sit down with each spouse and discuss the issues and any other issues that have arisen during the course of the Divorce Mediation. At this point, if the spouses want to continue to negotiate, they may continue to meet privately. However, if they have reached a compromise on the major issues such as child support or spousal support, they will present their compromise to the other spouse, and the neutral third party mediator will facilitate the negotiations.

Divorce Mediation can be extremely helpful for those who need a peaceful, objective third party mediator to assist them in the divorce mediation process. Divorce Mediation mediators are often well experienced in family law matters and can provide a very objective means of evaluating the true cost of the marriage for each party. While no two divorces are exactly alike, divorce mediation can be an exceptionally helpful tool in ensuring that both spouses reach an agreement about the true value of the marriage. It can also help reduce the emotional impact of the litigation, allowing both parties to focus on the positive aspects of the divorce instead of negative aspects. Many divorce mediators work with the spouses and their attorneys, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and thoroughly. Divorce Mediation can be extremely helpful and can be especially helpful for those:

Both parties, their attorneys, and the mediator will benefit from the experience that Divorce Mediation provides. Divorce Mediation services provide an objective means of evaluating the true costs of the marriage. These services can be especially helpful to those: wishing to end their marriage, wishing to reduce the impact of litigation on their lives, or wishing to save the money needed to pay for continuing representation.