Divorce Mediation Vs Divorce Lawyer

Divorce mediation is a unique alternative dispute resolution method. A licensed divorce mediator assist couples identify, clarify, discuss, settle, and negotiations all of the key issues which require resolving in a divorce. This may include time sharing, custody/child support, division of marital assets and debts, alimony, a living will, and more. When properly conducted by an experienced and qualified professional, Divorce Mediation can be a cost-effective alternative to expensive litigation. The process enables couples to get through the most difficult situations without putting their personal finances or their children’s lives in jeopardy.

Divorce Mediation is a collaborative effort. The goal is to arrive at an agreement where all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome. The process involves both attorneys and spouses to come together to communicate their needs and desires to one another. There are advantages to using divorce mediation and disadvantages to litigation. It is important for both attorneys and clients to understand these advantages and disadvantages.

If the divorcing couple is amicable, they are able to use the services of a trained and licensed Divorce Mediation Counselor who presents unbiased information and renders advice to the divorcing couple. An amicable divorce mediation takes place with each party meeting with an appointed licensed Divorce Mediation Counselor(TM) and discussing their issues in a neutral, third-party, collaborative spirit. The Divorce Mediation Counselor is appointing to the court to represent the interests of the individual client(s). The responsibilities of the Divorce Mediation Counselor include:

Many times using mediation can save a significant amount of time and expense. The attorney and spouse(s) spend time together working through the issues and arriving at a marital settlement agreement. There is no more need to go to court and possibly lose more money in attorney fees. This is because using mediation means that both sides get an opportunity to present their case to the judge in a reasonable and courteous manner. Sometimes, divorcing couples decide to use mediation and then proceed with a divorce court battle.

Using the services of a Divorce Mediation Service is often much less expensive than going to court. There are no professional fees or court fees for the divorcing parties. Divorce Mediation Services has a variety of different options for their clients. In many cases, the Divorce Mediation Service will hire an experienced private mediator. The Divorce Mediation Service may also use an experienced family mediator. These individuals may be referred by the Divorce Mediation Service or come from a reputable private organization.

There are some situations where the Divorce Mediation Service chooses to use a notary public. In these cases, the Divorce Mediation Service may require that you disclose that you are not an attorney. Because this is a relatively inexpensive alternative to an attorney, many Divorce Mediation Services choose to go with this option. It is also important to note that notaries are not required to mediate any type of hearing or meeting involving a minor child or personal injury case.

In addition to hiring a mediator, divorce mediation often includes an educational component. This allows the couple to learn more about what is involved in divorce mediation and how they can benefit from it. In many instances, couples find that they are able to reach a more amicable agreement after the educational portion of the mediation is over. The educational components do not usually cost any extra money. Most times, the educational aspect is less expensive than if the couple were to hire a professional divorce attorney.

Divorce Mediation is by no means the only way to resolve all of your divorce options. You should definitely consider all of your options prior to making a final decision. One of the most difficult parts of the divorce process is deciding which one of the many Divorce Mediation options will be the best one for you. Divorce Mediation is a great choice if you are having a lot of financial issues during the divorce process, do not have time to hire a lawyer, or would prefer to try out mediation in divorce lawyer first. Divorce Mediation is also good if you are involved in a high-cost negotiation with your spouse. Divorce Mediation may be just what you need to help you get through the divorce process!