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A Divorce Mediation in New York City can be quite an expensive process. Divorce Mediation in New York City can be quite expensive. But there are ways to lower your costs while still preserving your right to legal representation and the best possible settlement or court agreement for you and your spouse. Many times people do not realize that they can lower their divorce expenses while retaining all of their rights and having a full court trial. Below are some helpful tips for reducing your Divorce Mediation in New York City costs. read more

Divorce Mediation on long island is when an attorney or licensed mediator meets with a client or spouse in the hopes of coming together on the issues in their divorce proceedings without having to come to Court. Divorce Mediation can save the time and money associated with going to trial. The key thing to understand in mediation is the mediator does not represent either side. This is important to understand because often, when people get angry at the mediator they think the lawyer or mediator are trying to get them to do what is best for them. read more

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation is an affordable alternative to litigation when couples are having ongoing issues regarding their relationship. Divorce Mediation is a non-disciplinary process that allows individuals to remain calm during a time of great stress. A separation often causes feelings of resentment and anger, but healthy emotional conflict can help keep divorce costs low. Whether you and your husband or wife wish to avoid a costly courtroom battle, discovery, courtroom hearings, and expensive settlements, you can benefit from divorce mediation. Divorce Mediation can save you both time and money. Divorce Mediation is a collaborative, two-way communication process where both parties meet with a licensed Divorce Attorney and Certified Divorce Mediator to discuss their relationship and possible future resolutions. read more

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation – A Closer Look

Divorce Mediation Long Island is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, that provides an affordable means of finalizing family matters without the need for high fees and lengthy court proceedings. Divorce Mediation allows both parties to meet simultaneously with an impartial third party, often a non-profit organization. This unbiased third party is responsible for investigating the matters at hand and arriving at a mutually acceptable agreement. Divorce Mediation is available in all areas of the state. Contact your local Divorce Mediation Program for a listing of the locations in your area. read more