Month: November 2021

Divorce Mediation

Affordable Divorce Mediator – How to Find Affordable Divorce Mediators on Long Island

A divorce mediator is a neutral third party who helps the divorcing couple come up with ideas for the resolution of their problems. A mediator is not involved in the court proceedings, so the participants are able to express their thoughts without fear of the other party getting involved. The mediator will advise the participants on their proposals during the mediation. If either party is unwilling to negotiate, he or she should inform the mediator immediately. A mediator will explain to the parties how the process works and the importance of maintaining confidentiality. read more

The first and most important benefit of Divorce Mediation is that it helps you decide the outcome of your divorce on your terms. The mediator is someone who is well-versed in your situation and will have a more accurate picture of your financial situation than either of you. It is an excellent option because you will be able to make decisions without compromising your feelings, which is essential for the success of the divorce settlement. Furthermore, you and your spouse will be able to avoid leaving decisions about the future up to a third party. read more

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation in New York

Divorce Mediation is a vital part of any divorce proceeding. It provides the couple with an opportunity to communicate their concerns and to work together to amicably reach an agreement that they can both live with and be comfortable with. Divorce mediation can be an extremely challenging and draining experience for the parties involved in the divorce. One important component of mediation is the ability of both parties to remain calm and objective at all times during the course of the mediation. Being professionally represented by an Amicable Divorce Mediation Attorney is critical to ensuring that this occurs. read more

Divorce mediation is an affordable alternative to traditional court proceedings and often less costly than a lengthy litigation process through divorce court. Divorce mediation allows couples to resolve their personal marital dispute without going to court, but both parties still retain their own private attorney to advise them on the matter throughout the process. It is also less expensive, time-consuming, and less emotional stressful than a typical court divorce proceeding. In fact, studies show that mediation results in a better settlement for the average divorcee than either court ordered mediation or arbitration. read more