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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, where the spouses work out their issues and settle the differences through a neutral third-party. While mediation is generally appropriate in many situations, some spouses are not suitable candidates, including those with domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse, or neglect. Another popular form of ADR is collaborative law. Despite its many benefits, divorce mediation is not for every couple. This article will give you an overview of the benefits of divorce mediation. read more

Divorce Mediation

Before beginning divorce mediation, a couple should discuss the issues they want to resolve. A divorce mediator will ask each party to discuss the issues, and both parties should be respectful during the entire process. If there is serious mistrust or a large imbalance in bargaining power, this may not be a good choice. If a couple cannot reach an agreement during mediation, they should consult private lawyers. In most cases, a couple can come to an agreement with the help of attorneys.

The first meeting is crucial in laying a foundation for future meetings. During these meetings, the mediator will discuss the divorce issues that will come up during mediation. For example, parents would discuss the custody and support of children. Spousal maintenance is also a common topic of discussion. Parties should bring financial statements and tax returns. The mediator will explain the court system and common divorce settlement methods to avoid fighting. In addition to facilitating a successful divorce mediation process, divorce mediation is free of charge. read more

Divorce mediation is among the most widely used methods of bargaining a divorce settlement peacefully. In divorce mediation, you as the divorcing couple or, in certain cases, both of you and a neutral third person, known as a mediator, meet with a trained professional mediator in an effort to talk through and settle the key issues in your divorce peacefully. While both you and the mediator to try to reach an agreement, there are some important considerations for you as the divorcing couple to keep in mind when you are discussing the issues at hand. If you don’t keep these simple but important things in mind while discussing divorce mediation, then you will likely find that the process to be less than satisfactory and may wind up costing you more money and much longer than you planned on spending on the divorce. read more