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A Divorce Mediation in New York City can be quite an expensive process. Divorce Mediation in New York City can be quite expensive. But there are ways to lower your costs while still preserving your right to legal representation and the best possible settlement or court agreement for you and your spouse. Many times people do not realize that they can lower their divorce expenses while retaining all of their rights and having a full court trial. Below are some helpful tips for reducing your Divorce Mediation in New York City costs. read more

Are you looking for an affordable divorce? There are two possible options for you: an amicable divorce settlement or an affordable divorce. An amicable divorce settlement is one where both parties agree on all the terms of the divorce and both agree to move on with their lives after the divorce. An affordable divorce also means a divorce settlement where one party pays a smaller amount of alimony and/or child support than the other party, but one party pays less to the court than the other party. read more

What is the definition of affordable divorce? An amicable divorce is when both the husband and wife reach an agreement about all marital property, financial support, child custody and child support without involving the help of a lawyer or law firm. The parties may come to an agreement on these matters through a custody mediation session. The parties then submit a Joint Custody Agreement and also sign a document of Agreement for the divorce case. This form is then served to the other spouse and is used as legal evidence in court. read more