Day: September 16, 2022

Divorce Mediation

The cost of Divorce Mediation in New York depends on the issues involved and the complexity of the case. Complex cases often require multiple mediation sessions and separate experts to resolve the issue. Simple cases may involve only a few sessions. The complexity of the case may also increase the fee of the mediator. In some cases, divorce mediation in New York may involve valuation of stock options, business assets, or even QDROs.

In divorce mediation, the mediator acts as a third party who helps both spouses reach an agreement on the final settlement. They help the couple frame their interests and needs and help them evaluate options. Both spouses must be willing to compromise and be active participants in the process. This problem-solving aspect is crucial to a successful settlement. In addition, it is important to understand that zero-sum bargaining is counterproductive. Settlements should address the spouses’ most important interests. read more